Sometimes I Feel Jealous (Level 9)

Sissi is jealous when she hears her parents are going to adopt another baby. Explore a number of emotions as Sissi’s friends try to cheer her up.

Uka is excited for all the fun Sissi can have with the new baby. Ukpik thinks babies are boring. And Taqu is curious as to what type of person Sissi’s new sibling will grow up to be!

May 2017 | 9″ x 9″ | 24 pages | Fiction | Softcover

Ages: 5–7 | F&P level: J*

English ISBN: 978-1-77266-516-1 | $7.95

Inuktitut ISBN: 978-1-77266-517-8 | $13.95

French ISBN: 978-1-77266-518-5 | $7.95

*This title has been officially levelled by using the F&P Text Level Gradient™ system.