The Girl Who Danced with Giants (Level 16)

Iviit doesn’t want to stay at her camp and clean skins. It’s so boring! She would much rather go exploring and sing and dance. One day, Iviit sneaks away from her camp and meets a new friend named Kaaktuq. But Kaaktuq is no ordinary friend—he is a giant! Iviit and Kaaktuq spend a fun summer together, but Iviit soon realizes she has a giant problem on her hands. Will Iviit be able to help Kaaktuq without her family ruining her plans?

Written by Shawna Thomson | Illustrated by Tamara Campeau

May 2020 | 6” x 8” | 44 pages | Fiction | Paperback
Ages: 8–10 | F&P level: P

English ISBN: 978-0-2287-0545-1 | $12.95
Inuktitut ISBN: 978-0-2287-0546-8 | $16.95

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