Palluq & Inuluk Go Hunting with Their Ataata (Level 10)

Palluq is going seal hunting with his older brother, Inuluk, and his ataata! They pack up their qamutiik and travel for hours to reach the floe edge. Will Palluq catch a seal to bring home to his anaana?

Written by Jeela Palluq-Cloutier | Illustrated by Michelle Simpson

December 2020 | 8″ x 8″ | 24 pages | Fiction | Paperback
Ages: 6–8 | F&P level: M

English ISBN: 978-1-77450-000-2 | $8.95
Inuktitut ISBN: 978-1-77450-001-9 | $13.95

This title has been officially levelled by using the F&P Text Level Gradient™ system.