Educator Development – Orientation




Educator Development Introduction – July 2020
Canadian Mental Health Association Checklist
Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute. – Mindful breathing tips
Independent Living Resource Centre – Stress, support and self-care: COVID-19 pandemic
Managing stress, anxiety, work-life balance and building resilience
The Inuit Way – Pauktuutit (Inuinnaqtun)
The Inuit Way – Pauktuutit (Inuktitut)
Inclusive Education (French) 
Inclusive Education (Inuktitut)
Crisis Response (Inuinnaqtun)
Crisis Response (French)
Crisis Response (English)
Lewthwaite & McMillan (2010)
Crawford (2014)
Educator Development
L’Art de Vivre Inuit
Teaching Together
The Balanced Literary Approach to Instruction
Misunderstood Minds
Education Development Handouts